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The River Trail is a project that would add 10 miles to the already stunning Heart of Vilas trail system. With Vilas County being a premier bicycling destination, the River Trail would be a great addition for cycling locals and tourists alike. The major roadblock for this project comes from a use perspective – who gets to use the path? While local bicycling stakeholders reached a compromise with snowmobilers to share the path, ATV’s now want a piece of the pie. With that increased use – especially for recreational uses that share seasons – comes more complex design and funding needs.

Bike Fed is working with the local stakeholders to find a path forward for the project. New studies are underway to account for ATV’s to see how a compromise can be made that still accomplishes the needs of all trail users. 

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Let Vilas County officials know the impact this project will have for locals and tourists alike. The County’s support will be critical in moving this project forward.

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