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We all have a few great friends, the ones you can always count on. They see what makes us shine and are always there to give us a little boost that goes straight to the sparkle in our eyes and fuels our soul.

Your local bike culture has these special friends as well, they are the businesses that always make room for your bicycle, inside or out. They are excited to see you pack everything you can into your backpack or panniers, or even give you a box and some rope to strap the most interesting items on your rack. The employees welcome you no matter how sweaty or muddy you happen to be.  They often share your story, inspiring others through your adventures. These great friends of our bike culture are our Bicycle Benefits Businesses and have that bright yellow bike sticker proudly showing on their front door. 

This September is our time to ride over and say hello to these bike friends to make sure they know how important they are to our communities and to our biking well being

Bicycle Benefits is encouraging you to support these shop owners and friends who strengthen bike culture throughout Wisconsin. Visit and post about their great deals, how they prioritize bike parking and their unique offerings. For the month of September pedal to any Bicycle Benefits business, take a photo of your trip or receipt showing the business and earn gift cards! It’s a frequent shopper promotion for all Bicycle Benefits Businesses.

These businesses are the ones that support biking on an everyday basis, so we are sending some love back their way. Bicycle Benefits is purchasing up to $2,500 in gift cards from Wisconsin member locations. For every 5 photos you enter, we will send you $5 in gift cards from Bicycle Benefits businesses in your community. Know anyone who would like to contribute or match? Send them our way!

What you do:

  1.  Ride to and patronize any Bicycle Benefits business.
  2. Take a picture of your receipt or experience. 
  3. Post on social media by tagging the name of the business, @bicyclebenefits and #bikebenefitsblitz Register here or just ride and post.

For every 5 unique places you visit, you get a $5 gift card sent to you. So, if you post 10 different locations, you get $10 in gift cards. 

We will send you a message via social media so you can let us know where to send your gift cards.

Bike Fed members get a free Bicycle Benefits sticker with their 2020 membership!  Invite your friends to join the Bike Fed, support biking in Wisconsin and create their own family adventure.