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Bikes for transportation take on a whole new meaning with Trevor Roark, he is living the life. Inspiring and encouraging others to think about the possibilities exponentially, everytime they need a dozen eggs and grab their keys. Trevor’s passion for bikes grew to a new level during the COVID pandemic and he is now bringing his cargo bike to your front door.  Partnering with the Stevens Point Co-op, Trevor and his new cargo bike are at your service!

Learn more about local bike delivery and how to support green, healthy and active lifestyles.

Introduce yourself, and tell us where you live– I’m Trevor Roark and have been a resident of the incredible city of Stevens Point since ’98. I live in the northside neighborhood of Stevens Point, close to the downtown and WI River waterfront.

What do you do on the daily? – After my position was cut from the University in July, I decided to start a new business called curbwise, llc – people-powered fair-range delivery/courier service. I’m the owner/operator and through the magnificent machine we call the bicycle, I will be delivering groceries, restaurant meals, packages, and other goods. My first partnership is with the Stevens Point Area Co-op delivering groceries. I have a number of interests outside of biking for primary transport – ping pong, disc golf, frisbee with the kids, backcountry hiking, canyoning, and more …

Why do you ride bikes?-Riding a bicycle for transport just makes sense for where I live. Due to my privilege and mobility I’m able to access everything I need via bicycle. Further, I save money, meet more people, connect with more friends, lower my carbon footprint, and smell the lilacs more closely in the spring.

Since the start of the COVID19 pandemic, how has cycling impacted you and or your community? – With my kids we’ve spent more time in our local city parks via bicycle. I’ve never seen so many people riding bicycles (all ages) in Stevens Point from my 22 years living here!

What is your favorite memory on a bicycle? – There are too many, but I’ll share a recent one. Last week I was able to ride a contraflow bike lane for the first time. Not only was this a bike lane that I co-authored a winning TAP Grant (4 years ago) to implement, for the first time along this street block, I could ride my bike alongside my kids while they safely rode on the sidewalk. Pretty neat and my daughter agreed!

What do you enjoy most about biking? – My greater sense of connection to the street and our community.

Do you have any tips for new riders? – Take it slow and you’ll get there. Speed doesn’t really matter. Oh yeah, and I recommend following all of the rules of the road so others follow in your footsteps and your moves are always predictable by drivers.

What is your vision for safe bicycling in your community? – Much narrower streets, more street trees, protected (not just buffered with paint) bike lanes on faster streets, 20’s plenty campaign success, Vision Zero, and a lot more bicyclists using the roadways.

Bicycling is impacting Wisconsinites for good, and we’re proud to share stories like Trevor’s from around the state. Trevor’s vision echoes the Wisconsin Bike Fed’s legislative priorities that aim to make cycling more enjoyable and safe. Join us in fighting to restore the statewide Complete Streets Policy and design streets that prioritize the needs of all users. 


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Portraits by Bike is a collaboration between Wisconsinites and their bikes and is sponsored by Barbara A and Robert B Monnat.