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This May, as we shift into summer, we kindly ask you to consider supporting a program near and dear to your heart.

The Wisconsin Bike Fed works statewide to make biking better for everyone. Although headquartered in Milwaukee, we work tirelessly on statewide advances in funding and legislation. From our education and equity initiatives in Madison and Milwaukee, to one of the largest Cycling Without Age programs in the world, there are also programs offering direct services to cyclists that need some added support.

This May, as we shift into summer, we kindly ask you to consider supporting a program near and dear to your heart. Click on a program below and fund a need. Your gift can help more people experience the joy that riding a bike brings!

Head to the main donation page by clicking the button above or click the headline of each program below for that program’s donation page.

Milwaukee Mobile Bike Repair 

Your support helps train, employ, and empower young people in Milwaukee. Donations support the purchase of supplies and wages for youth mechanic trainees to repair bikes for free at community centers and parks all summer long.

A boy on a bmx bike rides past an active mobile bike repair station.
  • $20 buys a new tire for a child’s bike
  • $50 replaces shift levers and brake pads on their parent’s bike
  • $75 supports 2 youth trainees wages for a day
  • $125 pays for one day of our Lead Mechanic training youth workers
  • $250 pays the wages of one youth mechanic for a week
  • $500 pays for the staff time and supplies to for our team to attend one bike giveaway event
  • $1000 supports new bike, lights, helmet, and a lock for 2 youth trainees

Madison Area Safe Routes to School

In July 2021 Bike Fed will begin a 2 year grant cycle to support Madison area schools improving bike and walk safety education and resources. Building on past successes of program partners we are excited to once again be supporting school families in choosing to make more trips by bike or foot to and from school as well as within their community. The goals of the grant are to: Coordinate SRTS Programming, Resources, Communication; Identify Recommended Walk & Bike Routes; Improve Facilities for Walking & Biking; Safe Routes Community School Programs; Biking & Pedestrian Safety Education; and Evaluate Programs.

  • $20 buys a helmet for 1 child
  • $50 supports staff assisting at an after-school walking club for 1 day
  • $75 supports staff to meet with a local elected official to gain support for a infrastructure improvement
  • $125 purchases an inverted U bike rack for a school
  • $250 supports work to conduct an audit of safe bike and walking routes to and from the school to adjacent neighborhoods 
  • $500 supports Bike and Walk to School Day incentives for families across Dane County to go by bike
  • $1000 supports staff bringing bikes to one school to teach both bike and walk safety lessons and end with a group bike ride

Madison Just Bikes Equity Initiatives

JUST Bikes Coalition envisions a community where all people feel safe and empowered using a bicycle regardless of their racial or socioeconomic status. Our mission is to co-conspire and collaborate with communities of color by addressing equity issues through the use of bikes. Our current goals are to activate and educate local residents about the DIY Repair Stands that were installed in 2020 at Cherokee Heights Middle School, Luna’s Grocery, The Beacon, and Kennedy Heights, as well as several other already installed station locations across Madison.

A man on a bicycle with a black power flag rides toward the camera during the black is beautiful ride.
  • $20 supports printing flyers to distribute in one station’s neighborhood
  • $50 supports incentives for attendance or usage of the repair stations to increase activity around them 
  • $75 supports replacing any broken or missing tools connected to the station
  • $125 supports the purchase of tubes and tires to repair a person in need’s bike
  • $250 supports staff time to coordinate local volunteers in support of the events
  • $500 supports staff time to hold one training event for 10 people on how to use the station 
  • $1000 supports a youth summer job stipend for them to be trained on bike safety and repair

MilWALKee Walks

MilWALKee Walks is a pedestrian advocacy coalition that makes walking safe, accessible, and fun for all Milwaukeeans. We are dedicated to promoting walking and pedestrian infrastructure in Milwaukee, educating residents and local policymakers concerning the rights and needs of pedestrians of all abilities, and fostering the development of safe and vibrant environments for all pedestrians.

people cross street while car waits
  • $20 supports boosting via social media channels to reach more people
  • $50 purchases 2 hi vis safety vests for volunteers doing crosswalk action events 
  • $75 supports the purchase of an in-street “State Law: Yield to Pedestrians” sign 
  • $125 Purchases 20 yard signs for properties along the High Injury Network locations.  
  • $250 Supports the purchase of billboard buys helping our message reach people driving.  
  • $500 supports a stipend for 1 community organizer to help spread the safety message  
  • $1000 supports our match in staff time to host a training session for residents to learn how to host crosswalk actions and gather community support

Statewide Trail Connections and Expansion

Wisconsin has lots of great trails, but we still lag behind our Midwest neighbors in miles of trails built, especially in the past 15 years. Bike Fed Staff, Board, and partners across the state continually work to identify funding sources and advocate to local and statewide officials to commit to connecting trails.

  • $20 supports boosting of a social media action alert
  • $50 sends out an action alert email on a local issue
  • $75 supports staff time researching federal funding sources 
  • $125 supports mailing costs for materials to legislators 
  • $250 supports staff time researching earmark opportunities
  • $500 supports contracting with a lobbyist on 1 action item
  • $1000 supports efforts to add legislators to the trails caucus  

Cycling Without Age

Your support helps create and grow Cycling Without Age Chapters in communities across Wisconsin. Donations support the purchase of safety supplies, training for tri-shaws pilots and tri-shaws to give rides to those who can not ride a bicycle on their own. The program reduces isolation, improves quality of life and inter-generational relationships, enriching the sense of community.

Two police officers pedal trishaws with two elderly women in each. Another trishaw and two cyclists are in the background.
The Fox Valley has seen a big growth in Cycling Without Age programs.
  • $20 buys parts to maintain tri-shaws
  • $50 buys a start up kit for a tri-shaw (handlebar bag for emergency supplies, bottle cage, safety vest, journal for recording stories)
  • $75 supports 1 Bike Friendly Driver class for Cycling Without Age communities
  • $100 pays for on bike education for 2 volunteer pilots 
  • $250 pays for transporting a trishaw to a different community to help start a new chapter
  • $500 buys one wind and waterproof blanket to keep passengers warm on fall rides to see the colorful leaves
  • $1000 supports pilot training classes in communities around the state
  • $12,500 buys a tri-shaw to bring the experience of biking to those who can not ride on their own