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Short videos provide lessons for families to engage in bike safety lessons.

Neighborhood bike trails are great places to explore and learn about bike safety in an off-street environment. These signs were placed along the Beerline Trail in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee last week. Each QR code takes you to short 1-2 min videos of specific lessons on how to maintain your bike, how to look before crossing a road, and how to scan, or look back, and more! The signs begin on the eastern end of the trail by Cafe Corazon and are spaced apart near locations where the specific lessons could be applied in real life situations.

This sign is outside La Escuela Fratney and you can use the Traffic Garden on the playground to practice outside school hours!

Riverwest is known for being a bike friendly community, hosting such events as the Riverwest 24. In recent years Fratney St. was also converted into a Bike Boulevard through traffic calming measures. La Escuela Fratney, an MPS partner school of our Safe Routes to School program also installed a Traffic Garden on the playground. Trail managers, Riverworks, has done a lot of great work to make the trail a place to welcome people to and activate previously abandoned places. We thank them for their support to post the signs along the trail.

You can learn more about our Teaching Safe Bicycling programs here

So take advantage of the nice weather and get out on the trail or tell a friend about the signs! We’d love to get some feedback and see pictures of your family enjoying the trail and learning from the signs.

The first two signs are on Bremen St. just north of Snail’s Crossing playground near Cafe Corazon.

This program was funded with a grant from Wisconsin Department of Transportation: Bureau of Transportation Safety.

Thanks to TMJ4 and Adriana Mendez for coming out to help spread the word!