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Every journey begins and ends on foot.

A surge of Covid-19 in an already tumultuous year is leaving many Wisconsinites to imagine how we are going to make it through this Winter. The lack of our regular schedules, coping mechanisms, social interactions, and general physical activity has had profound consequences on our mental and physical health. For many of us riding a bicycle has been a lifeline more than ever. Social distancing is intrinsically part of safe riding and combined with masks riding a bike has proven to be one of the safest activities during the pandemic. Yet, with Winter fast approaching few amongst us are tried and true Winter bikers.  Even for those of us who do ride, our rides are shorter and less frequent.  To fill in that gap in our physical activity it is vital to the health of our bicycling community and more broadly, all Wisconsinites, that we stay active by walking through Winter. Now is the time to gather your boots, mark your routes, and get your family stepping. 

Walking is a guiding force in all of our efforts at the Wisconsin Bike Fed.  We like to say that every journey begins and ends on foot. We believe that safe walking is the foundation of safe cycling.  So we want to know what your plans are to keep walking through Winter with your loved ones. Will you and your neighborhood pod form a walking club? Does your block have a Covid-Concious plan to address snow removal? How are your children staying active in a virtual world? We will keep our ear to the snow this season listening for inspiring stories about people walking.  Your outdoor creativity has the power to guide Wisconsin forward. 

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