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The Wisconsin Bike Federation and AAA The Auto Club are very excited to announce our partnership and the release of the 2020 Wisconsin State Bicycle Map.  AAA published its first road map back in 1905, inspiring travel and adventure. Together we are looking forward to expanding the vision of the typical bike outing and creating lifetime memories.  

Promoting the love of the open road and adventure is the inspiration behind  a renewed partnership between the Wisconsin Bike Fed and AAA.  Over 100 years ago,  AAA was founded to lobby for driver and passenger rights, fair laws and safer vehicles.  This mission coincides with the vision of the Wisconsin Bike Fed to make bicycling more convenient, safe, accessible and fun. Together we are encouraging everyone to dream bigger and satisfy their wanderlust on a bicycle.

The new 2020 Wisconsin State Bike Maps, created with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, feature more off road trails, mountain bike trails, on-road infrastructure, gravel roads and bike shops. The series of 4 maps are 24 x 32 inches at a ¼ inch scale. The maps are printed on polyart (vinyl-like) material and are waterproof, foldable, sturdy and you can write on them to help visualize your trip. Following the color coded roads on these maps will take you on new adventures, discovering scenic by-ways, rustic roads and bicycle touring routes. The maps use a classification scheme based on traffic volume and roadway characteristics, highlighting the most favorable conditions for bicycling. The color coding makes it easy for all abilities of cyclists to select routes that meet their individual transportation and recreation needs. A great map is the centerpiece of travel conversation and inspiration for your ultimate bike riding trip!

The 2020 Wisconsin State Bike Maps are loaded with possibilities and will  help create  great memories traveling by bicycle.  Bicycle travel does not have to be linear and destination focused – the entire trip on a bicycle is an experience and we encourage you to  pedal through small communities and discover destination coffee shops, boutique museums, breweries and bicycle friendly inns.  

These new maps will be helpful to anyone, answering questions like:

There are so many roads to take into town, which will be most comfortable for me?

Which route takes me through communities to stop for water and food?

I know there is a lot of water and marsh between these communities, where are the best areas to cross?

Which routes are most scenic and offer a comfortable area to ride?

Where are the through streets along the lake, or gravel roads in the forest?

Where can I find help if I need it?

With our partnership, AAA offers WI Bike Federation members a first year discount of 20%  on a NEW AAA primary membership which includes Bicycle Service! Bicycle service from AAA is an innovative member benefit that fits your healthy lifestyle.  If your bike becomes disabled, AAA has you covered by providing roadside assistance to both you and your bike. For those travelling 100+ miles from home, bicycles ARE qualifying vehicles for free Trip Interruption coverage, receive the full benefit of coverages the same as if they were driving. Call or visit your local AAA branch to sign up, or follow this link for more information on AAA Bicycle Service.

Whether you are biking around town or around Wisconsin, AAA makes you feel secure when you’re pedaling. For anyone exploring between Air BnBs this winter on a fat bike, planning a spring waterfall tour, summer bike camping trip or enjoying fall colors on the amazing network of paved trails in Northern Wisconsin, the new 2020 Wisconsin State Bike Maps and AAA Bicycle Service make the choice to go by bike very easy. Visit your local bike shop, or Wisconsin Bike Fed online store, to pick up your maps today!

Don’t forget your State Trail Pass if you plan to ride on any Wisconsin State Trails!