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Milwaukee Walks

MilWALKee Walks is a pedestrian advocacy group that makes walking safe, accessible, and fun for all Milwaukeeans. We are dedicated to promoting walking and pedestrian infrastructure in Milwaukee, educating Milwaukeeans and local policymakers concerning the rights and needs of pedestrians of all abilities, and fostering the development of safe and vibrant environments for all pedestrians.

About Milwaukee Safe & Healthy Streets

Milwaukee Safe & Healthy Streets is a local active transportation alliance. Safe & Healthy Streets means: Prioritizing people, providing education and empowerment in the pursuit of better walking, bicycling, & safer streets for all Milwaukeeans.

Together MilWALKee Walks & Milwaukee Safe & Healthy Streets are collaborating to provide opportunities and resources for the general public in order to increase active mobility safety hand public health.

We train and mobilize residents to advocate for safe, comfortable walking environments in neighborhoods across Milwaukee.

Crosswalk Actions

Milwaukee streets can be uncomfortable for people walking and difficult to cross at marked and unmarked crosswalks. We want to create space in our neighborhoods where people can walk to their destinations, transit stops or simply go out for a stroll.

We have created Crosswalk Actions.  This is a series of events at summer activities where there is a lot of foot traffic.  We arrive dressed to call attention to people walking and the need for drivers to slow down and yield to people at marked and unmarked crosswalks.  It is successful. We can come to your event and train you to be a Walk Ambassador in your neighborhood.

Place Making and Tactical Urbanism

Creating spaces where people want to walk, bike or visit businesses can be created by making some changes in the physical environment.  Shortening the distance of crosswalks, creating green spaces next to sidewalks and bike lanes, adding artwork and outdoor seating all add to an environment that is friendly for people to live, work and recreate.  Creating low-cost temporary changes can show the community how investment in permanent changes can benefit everyone.


Do you live in a neighborhood that does not feel safe to walk?  Have you begun to think about why? We can help you create a group of stakeholders Including city staff, Alders,  public schools representatives, business owners, and neighborhood residents. Creating this group of concerned people can lead to ideas for improvement.

Walking in Context 

Neighborhood walks can be created for a variety of purposes.   Walks can focus on historical buildings, places of interest, socialization, and fitness or an opportunity to look at community assets and problematic areas.  With some initial preparation, community walks can be created to improve conditions and make it more likely that more people will be willing to walk.